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🤠👩Ooo Rahh👅This is Mark and Wanita. Our group is all about helping Veterans and their families.. Helping Veterans whether it's  helping them personally  or helping them find help, or connecting them    with other Veterans, Families of and or Supporters in their area who can help! 

  There are ways for Our Veterans, Families and Supporters to Occupy their minds and souls with a Guaranteed income, Which, also helps through us, to help Veterans in need. Anyone who has PTSD and such things are sometimes in need of something to keep their Minds and Souls busy to fight the Long List of medical issues Veterans have, and or anyone who experiences these things. 


  We are only in the beginning of our journey to help those who want and have a vision of Peace and dignity within themselves. Our Site/Group is still under construction and always will  be, as is our lives. 

Have A Blessed Day and We Love You All  💥🏹😍♥️USA

Veterans Helping Veterans and Families

713 Fir, St Garden City, MO 64747 US

(210) 369-4898